Fidel Gastro

Fidel Gastro, racionamiento bistro

The coolest venue to have a brunch in La Habana? No doubt it’s Fidel Gastro. This place invented the revolutionary chick: eating from cans and scavenged bananas. This was the seed of the a great sucess: the embargo cuisine or, as the locals call it cocina de racionamiento.

Pay a price a Cuban can’t afford for the food listed in the menu (which is strikingly simmilar to the food rationing coupons cubans use almost daily) and if you don’t agree, remember: at Fidel Gastro, the customer isn’t always right, because sometimes he doesn’t even have rights, but that is part of the experience. Vegans, jews, coeliacs and people with narrow tastes be warned: food here is delicious but picking out is for bourgeois.

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